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About – Cindy Badamo, MSW, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist

Therapy in St. Louis County

I help people who look good on paper, but have relationships that feel bad, sometimes really bad. And if you’re like most of my clients you (or the person you’re worried about) are probably struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety or both.

I adhere to the philosophy that relationships are at the core, of human experience. I deliver therapy in St. Louis County that’s based in science, with a focus on relationships. Because when our relationships are good, we really are our happiest.

 A Focus on Relationships

Maybe you’re sad or stressed because of someone else, someone who’s important to your life. People often come to me wanting, sometimes NEEDING to change someone.  And after seeing countless people turn their lives around, I have tremendous hope in the healing process of therapy.

You might want to change your partner, your child or maybe yourself.  Or you may just want to stop feeling so bad! And you don’t know how. I want you to know that there are ways based in SCIENCE, to change relationships. The relationships that matter most.

Counseling Based in Science

You don’t have to stay stuck.  Relationships can improve and often they become good again.  If you’re looking for therapy in St. Louis County, I work with a wide range of issues including:

Family Conflict
Marriage/Couple Challenges
Parenting Concerns
Substance Abuse/Addiction

I work with individuals, couples and families. And I use evidence based practices –which means there’s science backing them up. Many clients come to see me who’ve had a negative experience with therapy and feel relieved about their experience with me. I’m dedicated to helping people create, heal and keep loving relationships.

Change is Possible

You don’t have to settle for unhappy relationships.  Change is  absolutely possible. Feel free to check out the site or contact me directly.  You can call me personally at 314-600-0218 or email When I’m accepting new clients, I offer free 15 minute phone consultations. You can also find me on Facebook.



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