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Create the Relationship You Deserve | Counseling Secrets

Of course you want and deserve good relationships. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to get there. Right? Secrets from the counseling couch can provide insight.
Here’s 2 Counseling Insights that Help.
Did you know that you’re HARD WIRED to emotionally connect […]

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Best Relationship Advice

 How do you connect with the people you love?
Some of the best relationship advice I can offer, is showing HOW you connect (or don’t) with the people you love. As a therapist, this is some of the best information I […]

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Worry Wart?!

So are you the type that worries all the time?! It can become  a kind of (unkind) trick we play on ourselves. It’s like we’re actually “doing something” (worrying) when we feel powerless or scared or _________(fill in the blank […]

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