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All reviews here are shared with explicit permission.  Client names are omitted to protect privacy.

“Rarely have I met anyone with Cindy Badamo’s people skills. She has the highest integrity, and she’s warm and funny and honest and gentle, with deep insight into human nature.” ~Jeannette Cooperman, BA, PhD, St. Louis Magazine

“Cindy was a very important part to our family moving forward in a difficult situation. She taught us a lot about ourselves, as well as our children. I have seen many therapists in my life and Cindy topped them all – by far! I am better for having met her” ~MF, former client

“Cindy is one of the most caring, compassionate, understanding individuals I know. Both personally and professionally, her empathy for others is a constant. She actively hones her numerous skills with her main priority being the best therapist/person she can possibly be. I would highly recommend Cindy as a mental health therapist, trusting that you will consistently receive knowledgeable, excellent treatment.” ~Stacey Hensler-Stone, BA, MSW, LCSW

“Cindy is the best therapist ever. Of all the therapist’s I’ve ever been to, Cindy actually helped me deal with the real problem and made me healthier. I have a better outlook on life because of her.” ~LF former client

“Cindy is an excellent clinician who maintains a cool, calm approach with her clients. She is well versed in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and related skills. She is capable of handling crisis situations as well as developing treatment plans for ongoing work with clients.” ~Ana Lemp, MA, BS, LPC

“We worked with Cindy Badamo as our therapist and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better than her. We benefited tremendously from her. Best of all, I never expected as the mother to have learned so much from the CBT also. It has impacted all of my relationships for the better and helped me to have healing as well.” ~DB, former client

“Cindy is an excellent listener which enables her to discern what her client’s are dealing with and begin to develop a plan to assist them. She is also empathetic — she does not tell her clients what they feel but is able to share what she would feel in a similar situation. This allows her clients to express their thoughts and feelings. Cindy is excellent in getting to the “heart” of situations and helping people deal with their issues while still being kind and compassionate. Cindy is an ideal therapist to help people work through the difficult, painful issues and learn to grow and move forward.” ~Harlene Wilson, Director at the Business Bank of St. Louis

“Cindy has been excellent! She went above and beyond and I’m forever grateful. It was not easy but I now know that it was for the best! It has changed my family & helped my family in so many ways” ~JH, former client

“Cindy is one of the most caring, hard working people I know and if I had an issue I needed help with, Cindy would be the person I would call as she thinks things through before she gives me advice. She is a great listener and honest. Cindy is a great therapist and if you are lucky enough to find her, you will be very happy. She has helped me in many situations, and she has never failed me with her advice. I highly recommend Cindy.” Dani Toney, BA, SLM Media Group

“Cindy really helped and most of all listened without bias or judgment which made it easy to open up and talk to her about our issues. Thank you Cindy” ~former client

“Cindy is an outstanding therapist. Her warm and caring demeanor helps her to connect easily with people from diverse backgrounds. Her practice is informed by the latest evidence based methodologies and she is committed to ethical practice. I recommend her without hesitation.” Patricia Rosenthal, MSW, Clinical Professor, Associate Dean & Director of Field Education at University of Missouri – St. Louis, School of Social Work

“Our house was in chaos before; therapy has been life changing and a blessing. Now we have the skills to manage our emotions so that we can help our son mange his. Before we were waving the white flag and our family was in chaos. What we were doing just wasn’t working. We weren’t able to be consistent. Now, we have the confidence in our parenting and our family is forever changed. We cannot thank Cindy enough, we are so grateful…” ~ former client

“If you have found Cindy as your therapist, consider yourself very fortunate… From the moment I met Cindy and with every interaction since, she has been nothing but a devoted, caring, intuitive and amazingly bright friend. Friend actually does not really describe what Cindy is- she actually becomes a part of who you are and takes your issues and concerns on as genuinely as if they were her own and provides the most sound and smart suggestions-without telling you what to do, yet helping you come to your own decisions in your own time with her as your partner….” ~Shelly Chanitz, BES, MA, Director of Human Resources at Logan University

“Cindy was very good at guiding toward concrete change by using applicable techniques backed up with visuals and practice in small doses. I feel my son benefited and I KNOW I did!” ~former client

“While talking to Cindy you feel like you are the only person in the world. She is passionate, empathetic, and deeply thoughtful. Moreover, she is incredibly hardworking and persistent… ” ~Sarah Fandrey BA, MSW, JD Attorney at Bowers Harrison LLP

“Ms. Cindy Badamo is the perfect combination of fun and professional. I enjoyed working with her and learning from her. She was always willing to share her ideas, knowledge and expertise when working with families and equally as open to learning from others on our team. In spite of working with a great deal of challenging situations, Ms. Cindy Badamo always managed efficiently and with a smile on her face.” ~Mindy Chaney, BSW, MSW Mental Health Care Professional

“…She (Cindy) has proven to have the skills necessary to provide needed support and maintain balance and professionalism. She is an excellent clinician with a wide spectrum of clinical experience.” ~Rochelle Schutte, BA, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

“Cindy is client focused with a clear understanding of best practices and a passion for quality services. She is committed to helping improving the lives of her clients and was professional and energizing to work with. Working with her, I could see that she truly cares about her clients and makes a lasting difference in their lives.” ~Kelly Higgins, BA, MSW, MBA

“I loved watching Cindy interact with her clients when we were colleagues. She is always on the side of her clients; believing in them, advocating for them, supporting them, and letting them drive the process. Her warmth makes clients feel at ease, and her expertise helps change happen. Cindy’s blend of humor, warmth, passion, and care makes her an excellent therapist.” ~Allison Buzard, BA, MSW

“Cindy is an extremely competent clinician. She is very empathetic, caring, insightful and has strong clinical skills. I was always very impressed by her sincere and genuine care for her clients and enthusiastic attitude toward her profession. …Besides, Cindy is just a very fun person to work with…” ~Joy Gillespie, Published Author, Psychotherapist

“I worked extensively with Cindy as a Therapist at Kids In the Middle. Cindy is extremely creative and outgoing- which is a huge asset to conducting group therapy. Cindy works very well with children and adults. Cindy has a strong work ethic. I would highly recommend counseling/therapeutic services from Cindy.” ~Jennifer Forward MSW, LCSW, Madison Metropolitan School District

All reviews here are shared with explicit permission.  Client names are omitted to protect privacy.

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