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Expectations vs Reality


Most of us think things should go a certain way… simple, clear and in a straight line.  Right?!  And if (when) they don’t, we think there’s something wrong with us, or “them”.

Yet, the reality is that change is usually messy, a bit haphazard and certainly not always clear. And when people are working on improving their life, things tend to progress and regress.  It’s often one step forward, two steps back, three steps forward…  and that is normal!  It’s how we grow and change and learn to live the kind of relationships we crave.  The way we practice creating the kind of relationships that we need.

What if your expectations were more in line with reality?  Could you then enjoy things a bit more instead of wishing they were different?

For me and many of my clients, this is absolutely the case.  If we can create expectations that are more in line with reality, not only are we being more honest with ourselves, but we often make life a whole lot more fun!

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