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Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop in St. Louis

Join us for a St. Louis Couples Workshop, based on the new Science of Love, Hold Me Tight® St. Louis.

Results – Backed by Science

Hold Me Tight® is a relationship program developed by Dr. Susan Johnson. Sue is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of Couples Therapy. Research shows that her work, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), helps 75% of couples move from a place of disconnection or loneliness to one of connection and closeness. Better yet, 90% of these couples maintained their connection over time!

Study after study confirms that EFT builds more connected, intimate relationships. The science behind this Couples Therapy is compelling … it works.  It can work for you too. Space for Hold Me Tight® St. Louis is limited.  You can register right here.

First Time in St. Louis

Hold Me Tight® weekends are offered all around our planet. Now, for the first time this St. Louis Couples Workshop is available here. You and your partner will learn how to move away from cycles of conflict, forgive old wounds, increase emotional responsiveness, and rekindle connection and affection.

Even if you’ve tried counseling before or you’re thinking about divorce, or you’re frustrated and feeling hopeless, WE CAN HELP YOU.

This Workshop is for ALL committed couples, married, unmarried, straight or gay.

  • Date: Saturday and Sunday April 28 & 29, 2018.
  • Location: Mercy Hospital, Creve Coeur, Mo 63141
  • Cost per Couple:
    $675 after April 1, 2018
    Early Bird Price is $625 before April 1, 2018
    Super Early Bird is $575 before March 15, 2018
  • CEU’s
    CEU’s are available for mental health professionals, 12 Ceu’s for an additional $35.
  • Presented by: Certified EFT Therapists Cindy Badamo, LCSW and Bill Bumberry, PhD.
  • Click for schedule and cancellation policy.

Hold Me Tight® is cutting edge science.  You’ll come away with a new understanding of your partner and yourself. This St. Louis Couples Workshop is a practical program offered in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.  REGISTER NOW.

Here’s what to Expect:

  • Recognize the “demon dialogs” that cause distress.
  • Explore the feelings/needs underneath your words and actions.
  • Deepen your emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Create experiences that can keep your love alive.
  • Build on your strengths.
  • Reduce negative patterns.
  • Learn how to forgive, repair and heal.
  • Improve the way you communicate.

Here’s what NOT to Expect:

  • Two days of dry power point presentations. This is not an ordinary St. Louis Couples Workshop.
  • To be blamed or criticized. There is no one person to blame when relationships hurt. In fact, the science shows that it’s the way you impact each other – that’s the real problem.
  • Sharing personal information with the group. You will not be asked to share anything personal with the group. This is a weekend for you as a couple.

Here’s What We’ll Do

Bill Bumberry, PhD

Cindy Badamo, LCSW

Bill and Cindy, certified EFT Therapists, will present the core  tenets of the new Science of Love. They’ll help you see, understand and change the negative patterns that cause distress and disconnection. They’ll help you walk the path to healing and reconnecting.

You’ll also watch videos of couples stuck in conflict. And watch them as they overcome obstacles, and work through the pain and then reconnect.

This program focuses on health, resilience and growth. View the workshop schedule and cancellation policy.

Here’s what Experts say about Hold Me Tight:

“Dr Sue Johnson is the most original contributor to couples therapy to come along in the last thirty years. This book will touch your heart, stimulate your mind and give you practical strategies for improving
your relationship.”

– William J. Doherty, PhD, author of Take Back Your Marriage


“Wonderful… Hold Me Tight blends the best in research
findings with practical suggestions from a caring and
compassionate clinician. Hold Me Tight will be of great
benefit to couples trying to find their way to better
communication and deeper, more fulfilling ways
of being with each other. Bravo!”

– Daniel J Siegel, MD, psychotherapist, neuroscientist and best selling author.

Please join us for Hold Me Tight® St. Louis! You’ll come away with a new understanding of your partner and yourself. Here’s how to reserve your spot.


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