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Worry Wart?!

charlie brown on worrySo are you the type that worries all the time?! It can become  a kind of (unkind) trick we play on ourselves. It’s like we’re actually “doing something” (worrying) when we feel powerless or scared or _________(fill in the blank with  an unpleasant feeling). But usually, the worry just makes us unhappy.  And doesn’t typically solve anything.

Wanna know a trick?

CBT (aka Cognitive Behavior Therapy) can totally work to decrease worry. It’s one of the most effective and researched interventions out there. Studies show that using CBT can actually change brain activity and allow people to manage a wide range of challenges- effectively. Often its way more effective than meds for depression and anxiety.

In a nutshell, it describes how your thoughts, feelings, and behavior totally effect each other. If you try to pay attention to the conversations you have with you, you’ll start to be aware of how they affect you, specifically how they affect your feelings and behaviors. Many of us aren’t even aware of the constant chatter, but it’s almost always there and constant.

If you find that your thoughts aren’t helping or if they’re hurting, you can totally change them.  That conversation can become, more accurate AND more helpful.  And then, you can stop being a worry wart.  And you can start enjoying more of the good stuff.  It’s not something that happens over night, but it is something that can transform your life.  I’ve experienced it myself. And I’ve seen it, with so many clients…

For more info on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mayo Clinic has a good overview. Here’s the link.

Sometimes worry is manageable.  We all worry at times.  But sometimes, that worry can start to really negatively effect your life.  If that’s the case for you, you might want to reach out for help. Sometimes medications can help, if you can find the right one for you. Therapy can help. CBT is often an effective treatment for worry. You don’t have to settle.  If worry is becoming too much of a focus in you life, you don’t have to settle. Good help is available.


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