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Create the Relationship You Deserve | Counseling Secrets

Of course you want and deserve good relationships. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to get there. Right? Secrets from the counseling couch can provide insight.
Here’s 2 Counseling Insights that Help.
Did you know that you’re HARD WIRED to emotionally connect […]

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The Power of Empathy (and why sympathy stings)

You probably know it when you feel it.
Empathy that is.  That feeling that someone really gets you.  They understand and genuinely, non judgmentally care about what’s going on.
But sometimes, another person’s response feels… well bad.  No matter how sympathetic they […]

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Best Relationship Advice

 How do you connect with the people you love?
Some of the best relationship advice I can offer, is showing HOW you connect (or don’t) with the people you love. As a therapist, this is some of the best information I […]

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