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If a relationship is stressing you out or making you really sad, you don't have to stay stuck. There are ways, based in SCIENCE, to change the relationships that matter most!

Whether that relationship is with yourself or someone else, you DON'T have to stay stuck. There are ways to make things better and often things can become good!

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To create your BEST life, it helps to know what to do first.

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As a licensed therapist, I work with individuals, couples, and families...

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You can contact me personally at or 314-600-0218. When I'm accepting new clients, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Feeling Disconnected?

HOW you connect with the people you love matters. Here's one way to begin making things better today.

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Couples Therapy Creator to Receive APA Award

Dr. Sue Johnson, 2016 Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

EFT Couples Therapy creator,
Dr. Sue Johnson to receive APA award: Family Psychologist of the Year, 2016!
The American Psychological Association (APA) recently told Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, that she […]

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If Valentines Day is Hard

Nobody wants to feel alone; but what if you do?  Especially on Valentine’s Day, what if you feel alone?
What if Valentines Day is Hard?
So, if this is you, it’s probably really no fun. And you’re not alone, even though it […]

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How to Save a Relationship that’s Falling Apart.

How to Save a Relationship.

You are hardwired to connect. In fact, all mammals are. So it’s no wonder that as a therapist I’m often asked how to save a relationship. I’m glad neuroscience is giving us some great answers.
As humans […]

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When you or someone you love is sad…

Sadness is a normal part of life. But what do you do when you or someone you love is really sad? All emotions serve an important purpose. But sometimes, sadness can become overwhelming, stifling and life consuming. What used to give […]

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Couple are separated by white wall having relationship problems

Create the Relationship You Deserve | Counseling Secrets

Of course you want and deserve good relationships. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to get there. Right? Secrets from the counseling couch can provide insight.
Here’s 2 Counseling Insights that Help.
Did you know that you’re HARD WIRED to emotionally connect […]

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It’s Contagious.

Ever start laughing, even though you’re not in on the joke? I’m not talking about nervous laughter because you feel awkward about “why” they might be laughing. I’m talking about feeling someone else’s emotion — inside yourself. It happens with […]

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Inside Out — Not Just For The Kids!

It’s been along time since I’ve seen a children’s show that left me so excited!
Pixar’s Inside Out totally hits the mark.  Not only in teaching us about our feelings in such an engaging way, but with poignant messages that tug […]

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We’re different.

Why don’t they understand?
They don’t understand because we’re different. And trying to really get to why they don’t understand, is where we usually start in marriage counseling.
 Marriage Counseling Can Help.
Beyond the obvious, there are real, hard-wired differences between us.
We see […]

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